Janice Roper

Intuitive Consultant

Tea leaf readings

Know yourself through the images in your tea leaves; every tea cup has a

personal message to you from the heart. Happiness comes from within!

"Tea Time" is truly something special with Janice. It's easy, fun, and exciting. You or Janice drinks your cup of tea but leaves just enough for the magic at the bottom of the cup. You turn over the contents of the cup into the saucer, then become amazed at the shapes and symbols left by the tea leaves. Janice will then interpret them for you.

You can get the answers to your questions, added hope for your happiness, directions for your dreams, or insight from Spirit for whatever else you wish.

Your tea leaf reading with Janice can be done in person or conveniently by telephone. Tea Leaf Readings work beautifully in tandem with Janice's astrology chart readings. Janice is also available for a gathering of your friends and birthday parties.

Astrology chart Readings

real estate

corporate events

The planets are in a constant state of movement. Keep up with how the stars are impacting your life. You will get so much more than a basic horoscope reading from Janice. She will examine your birth chart to the present day and give you a detailed look ahead at what to expect astrologically in your future. Astrology readings with Janice guide you to your hopes, dreams, and the answers you seek.

Janice will give you dates and timetables in your reading which you will also receive in an easy to follow report with reminders. You can refer to this and bring the wisdom of the stars to your fingertips as you go forward on your journey.

"I like to combine using the bigger cycles in the sky with reading tea leaves which shows what is going on inside a person. The tea leaves sometimes even tell me what date to look for with a person."

We always act out the birth cycle. But there are many cycles. The planets show us

the big cycles of our life and they all have beginning and ending points.

Janice works with people in a very sacred and memorable way.

Janice is professional, reliable, and ready to accommodate your business needs. She has done corporate events for Estee Lauder, Neiman Marcus, Elizabeth Arden, Princess Resorts, and The Westin, Kierland, Scottsdale.

  • Company or department parties
  • Meetings or Conferences
  • Readings for your staff
  • Gifts for clients

Enjoy greater happiness, peace of mind, and success in all of your real estate needs.

Janice is a seasoned, licensed realtor in Scottsdale, Arizona. However, she consults with clients from near and far with their personal and business real estate transactions. She is a unique real estate professional and spiritual advisor. She can provide guidance through tea leaf readings and astrology charts. You can learn what's in your highest good from locations to dates, prices, and more. Find out for yourself why some people just won't make a move without consulting Janice either as their designated realtor or as a contracted consultant.

  • What is the best location for you?
  • What is the best date or time for you to close the deal or move?
  • Is this the right deal for you or should you wait?
  • Are there other potential buyers or sellers?
  • Are there hidden problems with the property?

Visit Janice's real estate website at janiceroperaz.com