meet janice

Janice Roper

Intuitive Consultant

Janice is passionate about people. And she's passionate about the work she does using her intuitive gifts to help you. Janice is a Taurus. She has a moon in Libra, and a sun and moon ruled by Venus. So, she always wants to see more love in the life of her clients and tries to help them to love life more fully.

She has read tea leaves and astrology charts for famous celebrities and sports stars. She has read for first and second generations of families. In business, Janice has extensive experience in guiding many corporate leaders through major decisions and creative solutions. She has done corporate events with the likes of Estee Lauder, Neiman Marcus, Elizabeth Arden, Princess Resorts, and The Westin, Kierland, Scottsdale.

Janice was first led to astrology as a young mother. She lived in a small town in Missouri and had two little boys who couldn't have been more different. At times, she honestly wondered if one of them she brought home from the hospital was the wrong baby. She was pulled in different directions. It was the study of astrology and their birth charts, however, that helped her to finally understand her boys and be the best mother that each one of them needed. This was the beginning of an incredible spiritual awakening and fascinating spiritual journey for her.

At the time, Janice owned a ladies apparel shop and the woman who did her alterations, Dorothy Halastik, was a gifted tea leaf reader. They were a "divine dynamic duo" as Janice did astrology charts and Dorothy read tea leaves for her customers. Janice quickly realized how well tea leaf reading and astrology went together and Dorothy taught her to read tea leaves. Already being intuitive, Janice picked it up quickly and soon more customers were coming to her for readings than buying clothes.

And the rest, as we say, is history. She soon left the shop and the small town in Missouri as Spirit guided her to New Mexico, California, and on to Scottsdale, Arizona, guiding many clients as an intuitive consultant along the way.

Janice's continued spiritual quest and studies have brought her in close contact with many spiritual and philosophical leaders including: David Hawkins, M.D., Walter Starcke, Jess Stern, Raymond Merriman, Zip Dobbins, Dr. Rick Tarnus, Christina Grof, and Stan Grof, M.D.